“A picture is a fact” Ludwig Wittgenstein

“A picture is a fact” Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico Philosophicus quoted by William J Mitchell (1992) The Reconfigured Eye

One Response to ““A picture is a fact” Ludwig Wittgenstein”

  1. Benjamin Faltesek Says:

    This quote turns out to be the key to the whole Tractatus. A picture (as Wittgenstein thought of it) isn’t a photograph, it’s more like a mental image, but a photograph can represent a picture. There’s an interesting connection between the Wittgenstein and Clement Greenberg quotes, because Wittgenstein says a proposition (basically, the idea behind a descriptive sentence) is a picture. And stories include propositions. The upshot here is that a rare thing has happened. Someone has quoted a philosopher without any evidence of understanding (not unusual) and yet made a good point (miraculous, with or without understanding). The point being that photographs and stories may share more of a connection than meets the eye. Pun intended. I just earned my intellectual snob card.

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